An update from your Area Director, Robb Wade, PGA:

Triangle Area Report 2018


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Rounds of Golf

Rounds of golf for most facilities were down a little from 2017.  While there were a few courses that experienced a moderate increase in rounds, most did not.  The average drop in rounds varied from 6.1% to 13.2%.. The reason for the drop in rounds was mostly due to the extreme amount of rain that fell in the Triangle Area

Conditions of course / weather

Unfortunately from the facility standpoint, 2018 was another record setting year.  The amount of rain that fell in 2018 exceeded any year on record throughout the Triangle Area.  Courses in the area had to deal with as much as 77” of water, multiple flooding events, rain on more than 50% of weekend days , complete course closures for as many as 30 days and golf carts on path only for well over 100 days out of the year.  All of these factors combined to make course maintenance extremely difficult and substantially reduce the number of rounds played.


The Triangle Area hosted several tournaments.  These competitions included a number of Pro Ams as well as Pro Pro events.  The goal for 2019 is to bring back some individual and partner match play events that have happened in the past.  There is also an effort to combine Meeting and Education MSR opportunities for PGA Professionals in the area. Even though the MSR cycle is just beginning, it is important to make MSR opportunities available throughout the cycle and not just at the end.

Membership Report

The membership number has remained very consistent in the Triangle Area IX over the past several years.  The end of the year tally for 2018 was 225 (205 members and 20 assistants). That is the highest total in the past five years.  The lowest was 214 in 2015.

Employment Report

Employment was fairly stable for 2018.  Most facilities had very little change in the number of staff members at the facility although there was some individual movement.  A few facilities noted a change in the staff positions and titles which led to an increased payroll. There was also some sentiment that facilities had a hard time filling positions.  In speaking with other PGM staff across the country, it seems that the inability to fill full-time and internship vacancies is becoming more and more of a challenge for facilities across the country.

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