June 4, 2019

Hello CPGA Professional,

 Please enjoy this week's newsletter highlighting Women's Golf Day, the Mobipaid Choate Construction NC Open Pro-Am, SC Open Early Bird Registration, and more!

2019 National PGA Scholarships

Congratulations to the 15 scholarship recipients in the Carolinas! These are annually awarded to family of PGA Members who excel in their High School and/or College academic performance.

Joseph D. Anderson - Michael W Sanders, PGA (Grandparent)
Sydney M. Brown - Chris M Brown, PGA 

Cherokee S. Hall - Ronald E. Hall, PGA  
Sloan S. Knaffle - Kenneth L. Folkes (Grandparent)
Mary M. Seawell - Daniel G. Seawell, PGA         
Caine C. Sivier - Christopher J. Sivier, PGA    
Carter R. Groomes - Rion Groomes, PGA  
Callie E. Moss - Ted R. Frick, PGA      
Emma G. Shoemaker - Richard P. Shoemaker, PGA 
Quintin T. Deaton - James R. Deaton, PGA          
Lauren C. Fels - David L. Fels, PGA    
Lauren O. Hutcheon - Michael J. Hutcheon, PGA   
Chase A. Kimball - Karl Kimball Jr., PGA
Gabriella  M. Rowsam - Alan P. Rowsam, PGA
Patrick J. Wohlscheid - Joseph R. Wohlscheid, PGA 

Kinexit, in partnership with Carolinas PGA Section, is hosting three educational seminars on the impact golf-specific fitness has on the golf swing. We will be in Raleigh, Charlotte, and Greensboro, NC - have you booked your place yet? You can expect to walk away with actionable advice and insights on how to integrate fitness into your lessons, and how this will impact your, and your facility’s, bottom line. Speakers are Rick Murphy, PGA, and Chris Mansson.

Click here to register

Quarter & Half Century Members - June

Quarter Century
Walter G Keating, PGA
General Manager - Daniel Island Club

John W. Lloyd, PGA 
Director of Instruction - TimberLake Golf Club

Cassandra B. Bennett, PGA 

Half Century
Gordon Cox, PGA - LM

Drew Pierson, PGA - LMM 

Upcoming Pro-Ams