August 13, 2019

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 Please enjoy this week's newsletter highlighting the 95th BB&T Carolinas Open, upcoming Women's Pro-Pro Championship, PGA Jr. League Section Championship, and more!

PGA Jr. League Section Championship

(Aug 8, 2019) - What a great day for golf! We saw some great scores during the PGA Jr. League Carolinas Section Championship. We had four (4) teams compete in the Section Championship; the Charlotte 3 All-Star team captained by Brent Reneau and coach Taryn Wolford, the Morganton All-Star team captained by Jimmy Piercy and coach Jason Akel, that Par Tee All-Star team captained by Tom Mason, and the Wilmington 1 All-Star team captained by Chris Byrd and coach Stuart Shearin. These juniors played very well, and we had two (2) teams advance to the Carolinas PGA Jr. League Section Championship Finals this afternoon, Charlotte 3 All-Stars and Morganton All-Stars. The Charlotte 3 All-Star team finished with 8.5 points and the Morganton All-Star team finished with 3.5 points.

We are happy to announce that the Charlotte 3 team is the 2019 Carolinas PGA Section Champions and they are captained by Brent Reneau and coached by Taryn Wolford.

Charlotte 3 All-Star team captained by Brent Reneau and coach Taryn Wolford

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Award Winner Spotlight - August

Greg Wrobel, PGA
Head Professional
Palmetto Bluff Golf Club
2018 CPGA Resort Merchandiser
of the Year Award

PGA Best Practices – Dedication to Customer Service in your
Merchandising Philosophy

The merchandising philosophy at Palmetto Bluff Golf Club has been consistent over the last 15 years. It is to provide our members and resort guests with exceptional product along with exceptional service.

When our guests walk through the door, the golf shop has a welcoming aesthetic and the merchandising displays are beautifully arranged. We try to have the appropriate mix of product and sizes, but for obvious reasons cannot carry every size in every piece. This is where our team comes into play.

Our goal is to never allow a customer to leave the golf shop without receiving what they come in for. This could be a member looking for a custom belt for his nephew, a resort guest looking for a sweater for their daughter for Christmas or a member looking for a driver that will give them 10 additional yards off the tee! Our staff is fully trained and empowered to take the time to listen to the customer, search for options with our vendors and finally seek out a replacement if needed to complete the order.

This dedication to customer service has increased our sales and profitability year after year, given more confidence and knowledge to our golf staff and ultimately has strengthened our relationship with our membership. This is a win-win for all sides and makes it a great place to come to work every day!