An update from your Area Director, Brett Miller, PGA

August 2019

Hello All,

I hope this report finds you well as we near the end of another golf season. Take a look at what is going on in the Highlands Area.


Parker Reeves continues to try to promote these events as much as possible.  I know the season is busy, but try to break away and play in a tournament.  Check it out at and follow on Facebook.  Congrats to John Carter of Burlingame Country Club for his victories in the Match Play AND the Chapter Championship this week.

We always look to continue our casual skins games, if you are interested in hosting a small group of professionals after lunch on a weekday, please contact Brett.  These have proven to be great fun and have a continuing education component as well. 

Also, whenever you get a chance, please reach out and thank our sponsors, by email, text or even better, a phone call.  A small gesture can go a long way!

Our Fall meeting is scheduled for Tuesday November 19th and will be combined with the Greater Charlotte area.  I will keep you posted on the site and start time.


Brian Oliver , had a record # of participants this season for the PGA HOPE program at Broadmoor Golf Links in Fletcher.  This reach has been outstanding, with folks driving from up to 90 minutes to attend.  Thanks to all the efforts of our PGA team, Brian, Rick Constance, Chris Sitko, Pat Warren, and I was blessed to join as well.  Consider joining us next year as an instructor or you can help by sending used club donations our way or having a fundraising event to support this cause.  Thanks!


Jessica and Telvin from the section office crossed the Carolinas with many miles of Drive Chip and Putt competitions and had record numbers of participants.  And of course the PGA Jr League programs just keep growing with a very enticing team concept model that attracts more juniors.  Have you been thinking of starting a team or other junior golf event?   Go to various Carolinas organization websites for further info (CGA, CPGA, SCGA, etc) . Let me know if I can help.

Thanks to all of those fielding PGA Jr League teams this year.  We are “growing” more teams as this concept continues to catch on.  Contact Jessica Asbury at the section office for additional information.

Also, check out  .  This program allows participating clubs to be reimbursed for juniors who are members of YOC coming out to play at designated times.  The junior also pays $5 per walking round.  We have many pro’s signing up for this, check it out at It is a great access initiative in growing the game!


We have heard from some sections that professionals are employing graduates of the PGA HOPE programs in their area.  This benefits the veteran looking to take their golf game further and the golf facility in hiring someone who is dedicated and responsible.  Let us know if you are interested and I can assist.


Many of you have heard me preaching about getting the word out about the great things we as PGA professionals do at our clubs and in our communities. We need to do this more and help brand our PGA in a positive light. Help us out by taking a quick photo with your phone and a quick story about great things going on with you or your club or another fellow professional. Don’t be shy, you are not bragging, you are helping our association send out positive AND TRUTHFUL news at a time when so much is negative.  Shoot your stories over to Sally Morgan, PGA, our Director of Marketing at the CPGA office. Thanks!

Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions and to also keep me updated on what is going on in your world!   or 828-775-7765.

Brett Miller - Highlands Area Director
(828) 775-7765